About Us

"Through other's success, 
I see my own." ~ Amy

Ever been to a place and wonder if they really care what you do?  Or do they really care about your personal success?

At the North Idaho Athletic Club Amy, the owner/manager, truly does care about YOUR personal success.  Amy loves to share in the success stories of clients and patrons.  Amy strongly believes that personal success is what keeps people coming back.  

Amy is a "hands on" owner.  You can find Amy at the gym many times during the day; teaching classes, working on equipment (she is a SportsArt certified technician), and talking with the members.  Amy and her staff not only work here, they also WORKOUT here and use the same equipment you use.

The NIAC staff is a team. They are friendly and open to questions.  All you have to do is ask and you will get an answer with a smile.