Class Descriptions

THE FOLLOWING classes are included in an NIAC membership and also available for guests by Punch Card - 10 classes for $70.00.

Spinning Class Description

All Terrain Rides - Guided 45 minute ride on flats, hills & intervals. EXCELLENT cross training for your lower body! Classes are geared towards any fitness level! You'll be an addict within 3 classes!

* Please try to be on your bike 5-10 minutes prior to class time. Water and stiff soled shoes recommended but not required.

Group Fitness Class Descriptions

BARRE This class integrates the use a BARRE, light weights and various props. Each class includes several highly effective sequences of toning and resistance exercises. CREATE LONG, LEAN MUSCLES! 

H.I.I.T. - SUPER HIGH INTENSITY Interval Training!! We will use SANDBELLS, battle ropes and all of the fun TOYS! Lifting Tabatas, fast paced interval work - Combines speed and functional lifts in a high-intensity atmosphere - Burn BURN BURN!

H.I.I.T. Basics - Develop the strength and skills used in high-paced intervals and circuits! The class will target areas such as glutes, legs, arms and core with easy to follow movements. Fun and no experience required!

BootCampFast paced, intense lifting. BOOTCAMP is  a strength  and conditioning class  built  on  constantly varied functional movements executed at high intensity. Tone individual muscle groups & your core using light weights, body resistance & a body ball.

WEIGHTLIFTING 101 - Class designed to learn the mechanics for the fundamental lifts: DEADLIFT, BACKSQUAT, BENCH, PRESS
Each week will focus on a different lift, followed by a short and intense metabol
ic training session. GREAT for beginners!

STEP BASICS - Intro to Step! 30 minute class teaching the fundamentals of step choreography. This class starts with the basics and builds your confidence to join in StepRock if you so choose! Pair this class with either HIIT Basics before or BARRE just after.

STEP ROCK- Enjoy great step choreography mixed.  This is a high energy class with layered choreography. This fast moving class conditions your cardiovascular system along with every muscle!

PilatesBC- Take core to the next level with Pilates BC(bootcamp). A method of exercise and physical movement designed to stretch & add balance to the body. Essential core strength and conditioning

BARRE - This class integrates the use of the barre, light weights and various props. Each class includes several highly effective sequences of toning and resistance exercises. Create long, lean and strong muscle balance!

- 30 minutes of AB/Back work to create lean, mean, washboard abs. Core stabilization and posture corrective movements. 


Y O G A - Yoga is a spiritual practice or discipline that helps the individual unify his/her body, mind and heart. Learn the fundamental practice of yoga through a variety of standing, seated, balancing, forward bends, and twisting asanas. All levels welcome.