Personal Training

Each of our trainers will sit down with you and identify your individual goals.  Our trainers come with vast experience in weight-loss, athletic development, strength development, body building and physique competition.

We have the right trainer, FOR YOU! Check out who they are now.

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Single Session

Based on Availability


4 Sessions

Sessions Expire after 1 month
from date of purchase


10 Sessions

Sessions Expire after 2 months
from date of purchase


With your new membership, you qualify to receive a FREE orientation with one of our certified Personal Trainers.

“Your success can and will be just as tremendous as you think it can and should be.” ~ Unknown

 "I believe that you have to surround yourself with people who are as invested in your success as you are.  The team at NIAC are among the most dedicated professionals I have ever dealt with. " ~ Noah Meyer

Top 10 Reasons YOU should hire a Personal Trainer:

  1. You're not getting the results you want.
  2. You're not quite sure where to start.
  3. You're bored with the same old workouts.
  4. You're ready to be challenged.
  5. You want to learn how to exercise on your own.
  6. You need accountability and motivation.
  7. You have a specific injury, illness or condition.
  8. You're training for a sport or event.
  9. You would like the support and supervision.
  10. The gym can be down right intimidating! Smiley wink.